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Rhino SafeClamp Lockable Ladder Clamps (10 pairs) RAS21

Rhino SafeClamp Lockable Ladder Clamps (10 pairs) RAS21

Rhino SafeClamps Lockable Ladder Clamps Ten(10) Pairs.

Twenty individual clamps.

The Rhino SafeClamp is a step up from traditional screw down ladder clamps. Made from stainless steel and composite materials to ensure strength, corrosion resistance and a long lifespan. The patented locking arm mechanism means that the SafeClamp can be secured into place five times quicker than a screw down ladder clamp. An integrated locking mechanism is included so no padlocks are required. Maximum internal hook measurement of 59mm from the front to back of the roof bar.

The Rhino SafeClamp is a revolutionary universal safe clamp design for the safe transporting and securing of ladders onto roof bars and racks.

The Rhino safeclamp is universally fitting to most roof bar and rack profiles, and most ladder types up to 3 tier types (max ladder weight 40kg).

Manufactured from tough composite plastic using a stainless steel hook and accredited by 20g crash & life cycle testing, ensures years of dependable and corrosion free use.

The innovative one touch clamping method ensures that the operation is FIVE times quicker than traditional screw down ladder clamps.

Each Rhino SafeClamp is supplied complete with two locking keys. Each individual pair is keyed the same. The integral lock that sees an end to the days of rattling and easily lost padlocks.

Manufactured from tough composite materials.
5 x faster than standard ladder clamps.
20g (ECE17.07) TUV GS crash tested.
Accommodates 3 Tier ladders (max ladder weight 40kg).
Locks included.
Excellent corrosion resistance.

Maximum Clamping Height 280mm
Minimum Clamping Height 87mm
Square Bar Compatibility Up To 45mm x 40mm
Rectangle Bar Compatibility Up To 60mm x 30mm
Oval Bar Compatibility Up To 65mm x 45mm
Hook Opening Maximum 59mm

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