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White Flettner TCX 2 Wind Driven Van Roof Rotating AirVent

White Flettner TCX 2 Wind Driven Van Roof Rotating AirVent

White Flettner TCX 2 Wind Driven Van Rotating Roof Airvent.

The Flettner TCX-2 roof vent represents the very latest generation of rotary ventilators.

The TCX-2 is designed and constructed to eliminate the entry of rain, dust and downdraughts.

The unit delivers maintenance-free performance with no electrical connections to worry about, no drain on batteries and no running costs. Round the clock ventilation is provided wherever there is a slight breeze even when a vehicle is parked or where a building has no power supply.

Installation onto the roof of a vehicle or building is simple, requiring only a single locking nut fixing (included) and a 98 mm (3.9 inch) vent aperture.

Simple to fit.
State of the art manufacturing.
High quality stainless steel bearings for incredibly smooth running Tough and durable polypropylene rotor head.
Cost-effective solution to the problems of excess heat and condensation.
Supplied with shutter.
Ultra reliable No maintenance required.
Complete with fitting quide.

Colour: White.

Choice of Two Bases:-

Standard Base: (Circular - diameter 145mm / 5.75in).

Narrow Base: (Oval - width 108mm / 4.25in).

Please note: The rib patterns on the roofs of Ford Connects and Volkswagen VW T5 Transporter range of vans are such that the fitting of a Flettner ventilator should only be undertaken by a specialist fitter. We further recommend that the TCX-2 should not be fitted to smaller (car-derived) vans or to the Vauxhall Vivaro Pre Oct 2014, Renault Trafic Pre Oct 2014, Nissan Primastar. These vehicles should be fitted with the Flettner 2000 ventilator.

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